Technical Security & CCTV

Technical Security & CCTV

At Maximus International, our priority lies in the ability to assess threats from a comprehensive and meticulous standpoint. Our core expertise is in identifying and assessing risks long before they escalate into critical problems. We are committed to providing solutions that maintain the safety and integrity of various sites and properties, no matter how complex the challenge.

Our services range from overt to covert surveillance, each tailored to the specific objectives of the individual task. With our dedicated team’s years of experience, we adhere to an ethical code, offering reliable consultation and security measures that suit the situation.

Overt Case Study:

Project: Security assessment for a prestigious seven-storey manor block in Kensington, London.

Situation: We were approached to conduct a thorough security analysis on an esteemed residential property. The client needed a robust solution to maintain safety and deter unwanted activities.

Action: We started with a detailed security survey of the site, which helped us identify potential vulnerabilities. This guided our decision to implement a full CCTV system that could be controlled onsite. Our technical team ensured that the surveillance covered critical areas without intruding on the privacy of the residents.

Result: The CCTV installation not only provided real-time monitoring but also served as a strong deterrent against potential threats. This gave the residents a renewed sense of security and confidence in their living environment.

CCTV of subject in lift area

Covert Case Study:

Project: Providing a solution to regular fly tipping within a discreet area of the National Park.

Situation: A local council was plagued by persistent fly tipping in a secluded region of the National Park. This criminal activity was costing thousands of pounds in clearance fees, with traditional methods of surveillance failing to identify the culprits.

Action: Maximus International took a creative approach. We designed and custom-built a tiny covert camera concealed within a false tree trunk. This device was strategically placed to capture the necessary evidence without drawing attention.

Result: The images obtained were crisp and clear, revealing the full license plate of the vehicle involved in the fly tipping. This evidence became instrumental in a legal battle, allowing the authorities to take decisive action against the offenders.

In both scenarios, Maximus International’s flexible and thoughtful approach was key to providing appropriate and effective solutions. We leveraged our extensive industry knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to tailor strategies that met the specific needs and expectations of our clients. By aligning our expertise with our commitment to ethical practices, we continue to pave the way in security assessments and surveillance, always prepared to tackle new challenges and contribute to a safer community.