Thieves Targeting Vehicles in London

Car-related crimes on London’s streets are on the rise. Alarmingly, criminals increasingly smash windows to access vehicles.The popularity of keyless car systems might deter vehicle theft, driving criminals to opt for break-ins. Often, valuables in plain sight tempt these opportunistic thieves. We advise vehicle owners to: 

– Park in well-lit areas with CCTV surveillance cameras.

– Never leave valuables in vehicles

– Think about installing advanced security systems.

– Install a steering wheel lock.

The Metropolitan Police have increased patrols in vulnerable areas and now working with private investigators and residential security to tackle this issue. Vigilance and proactive measures can significantly enhance vehicle safety in the city. (Aug 2023)

Car glass broken by thieves
Vehicle break-in, central London

COP26 Climate Change in Glasgow

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP26 climate change conference, held in Glasgow, aimed to address the global climate crisis by fostering international cooperation. MI Risk Management played an important role by meticulously planning private security measures in support of diplomatic engagements with the Ecuadorian Government during the conference. 

This involved ensuring the safety of diplomats, and delegates at events. COP26 was pivotal in shaping global climate policies, and MI Risk Management’s involvement highlights the importance of security and risk mitigation in facilitating productive discussions and agreements to combat climate change, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and resilient future.

Republica of Ecuador at COP26
Republica of Ecuador at COP26

Maximus International Risk Management in House of Commons

Maximus International Risk Management are proud to announce their partnership with ExFor+ CIC  at the House of Commons, in London. We continue to support their fantastic efforts in assisting veterans back into work, as Sgt Blackman is the newest member to join the board of directors.

MI Risk Management supporting veteran community
MI Risk Management in the House of Commons

Mr Adams (fifth from right), pictured with Mr Salvato (third from left), Sgt Blackman (fifth from left), and Tory MP Sir Mike Penning (far right), set up ExFor+ after he was wounded during a training exercise and medically discharged from the military in 2011.