Maximus International provides surveillance services by combining advanced technology with existing specialist skills to offer a wide array of surveillance solutions. Our teams comprise of former government and military personnel, who excel in discreet observation and intelligence gathering. Skilled in maintaining observations on the most demanding targets. To ensure we maintain professional standards, we are approved by both U.K. and International awarding bodies.

Our services include;


Facing corporate espionage, suspecting a cheating partner, or needing to monitor an individual’s activities? Our general surveillance services deliver an unparalleled solution. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to observe, record, and report activities without detection.


MI Risk Management tailors rural surveillance for observing challenging rural environments. Our experts adeptly utilising natural terrain and cover to discreetly monitor activities, giving critical insights where traditional methods might fail.

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures):

We design our bug detection services to ensure freedom from unwanted surveillance. By sweeping your premises, we identify and neutralise unauthorised devices, safeguarding personal or business privacy.

Personal Matters:

Dealing with issues related to family, friends, or domestic staff? Our surveillance services gather evidence or provide peace of mind, all while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Corporate : 

We assist corporate clients with competitive intelligence, internal investigations, and security assessments through our specialised surveillance. Our tailored strategies protect your interests and deliver actionable insights.

Security Integrity Testing:

Utilising core surveillance competencies, we conduct tests to uncover potential vulnerabilities in security systems. Our detailed evaluations ensure resilience to unauthorised attempts.

Legal Support: 

We provide surveillance support in legal cases, actively assisting with evidence collection, witness tracking, and discreet observation services.

Tailored Solutions: 

Understanding every situation’s uniqueness, we tailor our services to match specific needs, concerns, and goals, assuring an effective and fitting solution.

Protective Surveillance:

MI offers protective surveillance services for those needing unobtrusive security without traditional bodyguard visibility. Our covert protection is perfect for individuals, executives, and VIPs who face potential threats but want a low profile. Blending with surroundings and utilising sophisticated technology, our professionals monitor and assess risks in real-time, intervening as needed. Clients can continue their daily lives with minimal disruption, knowing experts are safeguarding their safety. Whether a temporary concern or ongoing need, our protective surveillance provides peace of mind without compromising privacy or convenience.

Surveillance of Subject

MI Risk Management’s surveillance services are underpinned by professionalism, expertise, and discretion. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our surveillance solutions are not just effective but also tailored to your unique situation. Whether for personal, legal, or corporate needs, our surveillance offerings provide the insights and protection you need, all while upholding the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality. 

Trust MI Risk Management for all your surveillance needs, and rest assured that your interests are in the most capable hands. For further details contact us