Close Protection

Ensuring the protection and safety of our clients is a fundamental pillar of the gold service we deliver. With an extensive track record, MI Risk Management has cultivated a highly proficient, dedicated, and focused team that operates to our clients’ needs.

To cater to the specific requirements of our clients, we have a diverse range of operators, including ex-military personnel, former police officers, and ex-professional fighters. This allows us to provide tailored protection suited to the unique needs of each client.

Combined with this we create a highly secure, sterile, and private environments for our clients, leveraging state-of-the-art security and detection technology across any international movements. All of our UK operators hold SIA licences, maintaining professional standards within the security industry. Our international operators have undergone and successfully completed the equivalent Close Protection/Bodyguard course in their respective countries, ensuring a consistently high standard of protection regardless of location.

Close Protection Team

Complementing these measures are our experienced and knowledgeable operators, well-versed in various security disciplines. Every member of our team is medically qualified, with certifications ranging from FREC 3 to Team Medic, guaranteeing that our clients are in the safest hands, both in terms of physical protection and medical readiness.

SIA & WAPI Accreditation


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