FREC 3 – Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care

FREC 3 - Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care

Are you a security operative interested in elevating your career by acquiring skills in prehospital emergency care? Our FREC 3 – Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care is specifically designed to cater to the security professional.

No prior medical background is required for enrolment. The FREC 3 course serves as a critical element in comprehensive emergency response training. It is designed to provide a robust foundation for individuals working within the security industry.

We strongly recommend that all security operatives pursue the appropriate medical qualifications to ensure preparedness in any medical emergency situation.

Medical Training - Oxygen
Medical Training - Oxygen

Acquire indispensable emergency care competencies through our specialised Prehospital Emergency Care course for Security Operatives. With no prior medical experience necessary, you’ll build a robust foundation in emergency medical care.

Successfully completing our FREC 3 course not only enhances your skill set but also offers a pathway to the advanced FREC 4 qualification. Attainment of FREC 4 could lead to roles such as Emergency Care Assistant or Emergency Care Support Worker, further elevating your professional standing.

Tailored specifically for security professionals, including those in event security or private protection, our FREC 3 course offers essential capabilities for managing critical medical emergencies. This qualification not only adds a critical dimension to your skill set but also enhances your marketability and job security in the rapidly evolving security industry.

Elevate your career prospects in the security sector by acquiring specialised prehospital emergency care qualifications. Take the initiative and enrol in our FREC 3 course, marking your step towards becoming a proficient Emergency Care Provider.

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