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MI Risk Management SIA CCTV Operator Training Course

Welcome to MI Risk Management—your gateway to a fulfilling career as a CCTV operator. Our accredited, top-of-the-line training program prepares you to excel in your role and secure your SIA CCTV Operator License.

Why Pick MI Risk Management?

– Learn from Industry Experts: Our seasoned professionals bring years of operational experience into the classroom.
– Choose Your Schedule: Pick from our weekend and weekday course options.
– Master a Comprehensive Curriculum: We cover all the SIA-stipulated essential topics.
– Practice Hands-On: Engage in practical exercises for real-world experience.


HABC Level 2 CCTV operations is made up of 3 Units:-

Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry

Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator

Unit 3: Practical use of a CCTV System

4 Days
CCTV Variants at MI Risk Management

What Will You Learn?

Our course modules at MI Risk Management provide comprehensive training for aspiring CCTV operators.

Master Roles and Responsibilities
– Understand the ethical and legal landscape of CCTV surveillance.
– Familiarize yourself with codes of practice, operational procedures, and guidelines.

Operate CCTV Equipment
– Get hands-on experience with different camera types, monitors, and controls.
– Learn how to store and maintain surveillance data.

Perfect Your Surveillance Techniques
– Operate equipment with effectiveness and efficiency.
– Utilize Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) controls and conduct proficient monitoring.

Manage Recordings and Data
– Store and retrieve surveillance data effectively.
– Stay compliant with the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Communicate Effectively
– Coordinate seamlessly with colleagues and external agencies like the police.
– Practice radio and telephone protocols and report incidents accurately.

Prioritise Health and Safety
– Learn health and safety protocols relevant to CCTV operations.
– Know how to act in emergency situations.

Assessments and Certification
– Take multiple-choice exams to test your theoretical understanding.
– Undergo practical assessments to demonstrate your hands-on skills.
– Earn an accredited certification upon successful completion and become eligible for your SIA CCTV Operator License.

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