Close Protection Training

SIA Close Protection Course: An Overview

MI Risk Management: Level 3 Training for Close Protection Officers

At Maximus International Risk Management, we’ve partnered with a leading training provider to deliver the Level 3 Training for Close Protection Officers, specifically designed to equip participants with the necessary credentials to operate within the UK’s security industry. However, our comprehensive program goes beyond basic qualifications and offers extensive training in this challenging field.

Course Highlights:

  • Threat Assessment: Identify and evaluate risks, creating strategic plans to address them.
  • Risk Management: Understand and implement measures to control risks effectively.
  • Surveillance Techniques: Learn monitoring and analysis techniques essential for security.
  • Crisis Response: Develop abilities to handle emergencies efficiently.
  • Conflict Resolution: Master professional mediation and confrontation management.
  • Emergency First Aid: Gain practical experience in providing immediate medical assistance.

Close Protection Team London

Our Level 3 Training covers a broad range of topics, imparting skills that are not only essential for close protection but also tailored to the unique demands and opportunities within the UK’s security sector.

Our mission is to prepare aspiring close protection officers for a rewarding career, providing them with the skills, experiences, and credentials they need to excel. Whether you are looking to build upon existing experience or embark on a new professional journey, our program sets the foundation for success in close protection.

Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded:


Level 3 - Certificate in Close Protection


Course Qualification

  • CIEH L3 First Aid Certification, CIEH L3 First Aid Certification
  • CWC Counter Terrorism Recognition, Certifications for the Public Sector
  •  Level 3 Certification in Close Protection

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