Technical Security & CCTV

At Maximus International we are able to assess threats from a much more comprehensive and detailed background. Our aim is to identify and assess risks before they become a critical problem.

Part of securing a site may involve the installation of surveillance, be it overt (CCTV) or covert surveillance depending on the specific aim of the individual task.

We act in an ethical manor and are here to advise on problems using our years of experience in the industry,

Overt Case Study:

We where approached to provide a security assessment on a prestigious seven storey manor block in Kensington, London. We created a security survey for the site and implemented a full CCTV system controlled onsite.

Covert Case Study:

We were approached by a local council to provide a solution to regular fly tipping within a discreet area of the National Park, costing the council thousands of pounds in clearance fees. We were able to custom build a tiny covert camera within a false tree trunk.

The images obtained where then used to support a legal battle, identifying the full licence plate of the vehicle identified as fly tipping.

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